Summer pink


Yeeeey, it’s summer here! Temperatures finally exceeded 30 degrees – unbelievable 😉

I love love love pink in summer! Ah, I have to admit that I love pink in autumn, winter and spring as well 🙂 I also like the vintage-looking purse clasps. At first, I was hesitating of buying this one, because of those bright pink balls. Then I couldn’t find a matching yarn. In the end, I chose the multi-colored yarn (which is not really my favorite), but it goes so well with the summer outside. And here it is – the pink purse! 🙂


The purse was made of Schachenmayr’s Catania cotton yarn with a 3 mm hook. It is crocheted with single crochet stitches adding stitches to form a circle of the desired diameter and some more rows to achieve the volume. This is then sewn to the clasp. The strap is made of foundation single crochet stitches (not so sure this is the correct term). I made it longer so that I can have a bow and adjust the length as needed.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Like, like, like 🙂

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