My mini mega crochet rug


doily rug detailThe moment I saw online the Mega Doily Rug by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, I knew I’m gonna get on this adventure!

The adventure started by finding the proper materials. It was clear that I didn’t need a huge hook, since the rug could be easily crocheted by hand, so one problem less… The search for the rope took some time and finally I ended up in a store selling equipment for hiking and sailing. The staff tried to be helpful, and after seeing me touching and twisting half of the ropes in the store, somebody approached me and asked what I was looking for. My reply resulted in a smile 🙂 I left the store carrying 3 kilograms of rope 🙂

The next thing was to find a pattern. I need to follow a pattern, either fully or in part… I soon realized that nothing is going to work and I will have to crochet without one 🙂 To have a clearer picture, I asked the creator of the rug that inspired me, how much rope did she use and oh! she used 2,5-3 times more than I had. I realized that my mega-rug would be quite mini 🙂

The process of making the rug was really great, because you develop the pattern on the go. However, I got stuck at one point and it took several months to get back and an hour or two to finish!

And here it is, my mini-mega-rug 😉

doily rug


The rug was crocheted without a hook from 100 meters cotton rope with a diameter of 1 cm, using chain, single crochet and double crochet stitches.

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