crocodile crochet bag

It is said that a girl can’t have enough bags! And many other beautiful things… 🙂 I am definitely one of them. So here it comes, my new bag.

My August handicraft resolution was to make something out of the materials I have at home, and I succeeded. But I have to confess, my list of what I need (!) to buy next only grew bigger.

I looked forward to trying the crocodile stitch and I thought this texture would work well for a bag. You can also use it to crochet baby slippers, scarves, lampshades…


The Crocodile bag is made of synthetic yarn for macrame (the same I used for the Raspberry bag) with a crochet hook no. 4. To make it, I followed the easy and well-explained tutorial for Crocodile Stitch and finished it with single crochet stitches. The handles are made of metal and beads.


4 thoughts on “Crocodile-dile-dile

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