The black sheep of yarn stores – Ovelha Negra in Porto


A couple of months ago I made a recovery trip to Porto. Needless to say how wonderful this Portuguese city is, how is easy and enchanting… And how warm the people are over there!

It was one of those trips where I haven’t planned much ahead. I really wanted to have a coffee looking at the ocean, experience Casa da Musica, visit Serralves, and otherwise just live in the moment, no plans, no organization…

While in Porto, I heard about the famous Portuguese wool, which, as you would imagine, made me enter every yarn store I saw while walking around the city.

And then I discovered Ovelha Negra! It is the cosiest yarn store ever, tastefully decorated, offering a nice selection of high-quality yarns, tools, workshops and just good vibes.

The very nice owner of the store Joana answered my endless questions and let me take my time in enjoying her little yarn paradise.



I spent lots of time touching the wonderful yarns and imagining how they could be crocheted and knitted and what they could become. It just made me so happy…

Certainly, I couldn’t leave the store empty handed! I bought mostly Portuguese wool, despite the fact that I was there in May 🙂

My favorite is this handspun wool…


… and this fine Portuguese wool that comes in many colors and is produced by Ovelha Negra.


Back home, my lovely cat has performed a very serious quality control. And he loved it!


I can’t wait to stat playing with these yarns, now that winter is coming 😉

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