It’s always sunny in Brussels


I have met Otilia many years ago. Back then, we were both living in a place where everybody knows each other. But I really met her when she moved to Brussels to study documentary filmmaking. She came like a ray of sunshine, bringing along warmth and a certain delicacy in her manner of speaking, looking, living the life. We spent many evenings, talking late into the night, enjoying red wine and my culinary experiments, discovering artists… I almost became a subject of one of her documentary films, which was a very exciting experience that also proved that I am terrible in front of the camera 🙂

Otilia was part of a first workshop I organized for my lovely friends to enjoy our creativity, yarns and needles. I am very happy that she restarted then to crochet and she does a wonderful job at it ;).

For Christmas or rather a couple of weeks later :), I knitted a headband to keep her warm when she rushes on her bike through rainy and windy (very windy!) Brussels. She accepted it with so much joy, which probably can not be compared to my joy, when I see people liking what I crochet or knit for them.


Thanks to Otilia for so beautifully wearing the head band, which can be also worn as a collar, and to Miguel for the sunny pictures ❤


The headband was made of Rosarios 4 Bulky Light yarn following the DROPS Design Braidy pattern.


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