Yes, holidays are here!

xmas tree decoration


What I love most about holidays is the endless amount of surprises, presents, lights and smiles! To make this even more special, I believe everyone should make at least one present or decoration or sweets – forget the stores.

When I was a child, paper was my favorite material: for snowflakes, toys, garlands. This year, crochet was the obvious choice 🙂 These little decorations were made for the girls in my office, and the little pair of shoes was the hit 😉

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year and make something!

xmas tree deco collage


Crochet lace for autumn

plum crochet scarfLast days of November… The winter temperatures are already here. The only thing reminding it is not yet winter are the leaves on the trees and the lacy scarves that one can still wear. Here is one I made for this autumn, surprisingly in time! So I managed to wear it 🙂

It is a lovely pattern. I used it to crochet similar scarves in other colors for my girlfriends. It makes for a very nice present 😉


This scarf was made of 3 skeins of Schachenmayr Bravo yarn, and a no. 3 crochet hook. I used the fairly easy and lovely pattern from Vogue Knitting Crochet Magazine 2012. You can purchase the pattern on their website.



Just a crochet rug

chunky crochet rug detail


I’ve been dreaming of making a new rug for months. Crochet with such thick yarns is both hard and satisfying. My fingers hurt a bit, but then it worked soooo fast. In no time you can crochet something quite big! 🙂

I was inspired by many crocheters online who experiment with chunky/jumbo/mega crochet. Taking as basis one of the oldest pattern – “the granny square” – and making something new and modern was a perfect option for my new bed-side rug 🙂


I have used about 3 rolls of one of my favorite yarns, Zpagetti from Hoooked and a No. 12 crochet hook. The basic element is a classical granny square, connected to each other with a slip stitch row, while the edge is made of a round of double crochet stitches. I drew my inspiration from this gorgeous Granny Square Floor Rug.

chunky crochet rug

Starry scarf

starry scarf

We have a surprisingly beautiful autumn in Brussels! The sun lets us enjoy the color change and the calmness of early mornings. Yet the mornings are getting chilly. Chilly enough to put on a warm scarf 😉

This one is a birthday present for my friend Maaike, for whom I made the rose earrings.

I had troubles photographing the scarf, since I use a quite simple camera and no additional lighting. I believe the scarf is much prettier in real life 😉 Now looking for tips how to take pictures of crochets and knits, in particular of dark colors.


To make this scarf, I followed the Crochet Infinity Scarf pattern. I used about 150 gr of Schachenmayr Boston yarn and a No. 7 crochet hook.

starry scarf full

Cozy lights for autumn evenings

crochet lamp

Spring has been always my favorite season of the year. The new, the light, the incredible energy! But in the recent years I’ve been learning to love autumn. The colors, the fresh mornings, the cozy evenings!

Especially the cozy evenings… So perfect for crochet and knitting. This lamp is a first result 🙂


The lampshade is hooked with single crochet stitches directly on the wire frame. I used the RibbonXL yarn from Hoooked and a 9 mm crochet hook. It is easy and fast 😉

crochet lamp detail

Last summer project

red crochet bagOnly because the calendar says it is the last day of summer 🙂

As planned, in August I worked only with the materials I had at home. Here, I followed the lovely pattern designed by Sayjai of K and J Dolls, mostly because of the bobbles 🙂 My bag came out a bit different, because I used another kind of yarn and a much smaller hook size.

While the first signs of autumn are already here and this bag is in such a bright summer color, I am looking forward to still wearing it a couple of times, maybe on those particularly grey days…

Now the time is coming for woolly crochet – scarves, hats, blankets… Can’t wait 🙂


This bag is made of synthetic yarn for macrame (which I also used for the Crocodile and the Raspberry bags) with crochet hook size 4. The pattern consists of chain, slip, single crochet and double crochet stitches. The handle is made of a metallic chain and a crocheted strap attached with metallic clasps.



crocodile crochet bag

It is said that a girl can’t have enough bags! And many other beautiful things… 🙂 I am definitely one of them. So here it comes, my new bag.

My August handicraft resolution was to make something out of the materials I have at home, and I succeeded. But I have to confess, my list of what I need (!) to buy next only grew bigger.

I looked forward to trying the crocodile stitch and I thought this texture would work well for a bag. You can also use it to crochet baby slippers, scarves, lampshades…


The Crocodile bag is made of synthetic yarn for macrame (the same I used for the Raspberry bag) with a crochet hook no. 4. To make it, I followed the easy and well-explained tutorial for Crocodile Stitch and finished it with single crochet stitches. The handles are made of metal and beads.

My mini mega crochet rug

doily rug detailThe moment I saw online the Mega Doily Rug by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, I knew I’m gonna get on this adventure!

The adventure started by finding the proper materials. It was clear that I didn’t need a huge hook, since the rug could be easily crocheted by hand, so one problem less… The search for the rope took some time and finally I ended up in a store selling equipment for hiking and sailing. The staff tried to be helpful, and after seeing me touching and twisting half of the ropes in the store, somebody approached me and asked what I was looking for. My reply resulted in a smile 🙂 I left the store carrying 3 kilograms of rope 🙂

The next thing was to find a pattern. I need to follow a pattern, either fully or in part… I soon realized that nothing is going to work and I will have to crochet without one 🙂 To have a clearer picture, I asked the creator of the rug that inspired me, how much rope did she use and oh! she used 2,5-3 times more than I had. I realized that my mega-rug would be quite mini 🙂

The process of making the rug was really great, because you develop the pattern on the go. However, I got stuck at one point and it took several months to get back and an hour or two to finish!

And here it is, my mini-mega-rug 😉

doily rug


The rug was crocheted without a hook from 100 meters cotton rope with a diameter of 1 cm, using chain, single crochet and double crochet stitches.

Summer pink


Yeeeey, it’s summer here! Temperatures finally exceeded 30 degrees – unbelievable 😉

I love love love pink in summer! Ah, I have to admit that I love pink in autumn, winter and spring as well 🙂 I also like the vintage-looking purse clasps. At first, I was hesitating of buying this one, because of those bright pink balls. Then I couldn’t find a matching yarn. In the end, I chose the multi-colored yarn (which is not really my favorite), but it goes so well with the summer outside. And here it is – the pink purse! 🙂


The purse was made of Schachenmayr’s Catania cotton yarn with a 3 mm hook. It is crocheted with single crochet stitches adding stitches to form a circle of the desired diameter and some more rows to achieve the volume. This is then sewn to the clasp. The strap is made of foundation single crochet stitches (not so sure this is the correct term). I made it longer so that I can have a bow and adjust the length as needed.

Welcoming a miracle!


I have already confessed how excited I get about baby news! No wonder, when my friends told me they were expecting, after sharing the joy, I said “Oh, I’m gonna crochet something.. A baby blanket!”

I was very happy that the soon-to-be mommy took part in the making of this blanket. We looked together at different patterns, discussed what kind of yarn to use and finally we went together to choose the color. We spent a lovely afternoon in various yarn and hobby shops, where I couldn’t resist and bought some more materials for future projects (not that I don’t have enough at home!).

My friends were in my neighborhood the other weekend, and I rushed to give them the blanket that was still drying, so that they can have it when the baby comes. I completely forgot to take pictures 🙂 This one was taken later by the mommy and I think the baby room is the best setting for it 😉

The baby-girl was born today! What can be more wonderful than this?


The blanket was crocheted from Schachenmayr Catania cotton yarn (450 grams) with hook no. 3 following the Zigzag crochet baby blanket pattern.