Crochet – connecting people

tapestry crochet bag

Tapestry crochet was long on the list of my crochet projects. I have never tried it before, but I was certainly attracted by the mathematics behind it, since most things I have seen were quite geometrical 🙂

For years one of my friends wanted to have a bag crocheted by me. I think by now she has several baskets, a scarf, but she wanted a bag – because we know (and this blog is a proof) we can’t have enough of them 🙂 This summer, it was finally time for it. And I’ve decided to make it in tapestry crochet. Long story short, I found a pattern on Etsy that I thought was very dreamy and summery.

While the pattern was very well written, it took some time in making the bag. I had to do other things in the meantime, my yarn has finished too soon, so I had to reorder… But finally, I made it 🙂

I was very happy with how it came out, so I decided to send a picture to the Etsy shop. What happened after was one of the nicest conversation I had with a stranger 🙂 I will not go into details, but I will say that Maria Isabel is one of the sweetest girls, far away in Mexico, who was quite generous with compliments 😉 Thank you, Maria Isabel, for making my day!

Going back to the title of this post, to prove that crochet connects people, here it is: a girl in Mexico writes a crochet pattern, another girl in Belgium uses it, and yet another girl in Moldova will enjoy the bag:)


You can find this and other beautiful patterns at Chabe GS crochet patterns on Etsy.


meditation for fingers is also on Facebook and Instagram


Color block crochet tote

crochet summer toteLiving in Belgium, you can never know how much real summer you would actually have 🙂 When you crochet something summery, you really want to finish it as early as possible, so that you manage to use it. Lucky us, we are having quite a lot of sun these days and the forecast still looks good! This two color tote is perfect for going to the beach or to the market or, as its new owner said, for bringing lunch to the office 😉


It is made of some 300gr of quite sturdy synthetic yarn, and crocheted with a size 3 hook. The pattern is free and can be downloaded at mica makes. I used the same yarn to make a few other bags. Check them out here, here, here and here 🙂

Little crochet purse & my first tutorial

crochet purse

I made this little purse for a lovely friend, a very strong and wise woman for her birthday. I know she has been waiting for it for a long time 🙂

This is also my first attempt to write down how I made it. I really hope it is clear and easy to follow. I would appreciate any comments and advice on how to improve it.



Materials You need a purse frame, yarn and a crochet hook. For this purse, I used a frame of approximately 15cm, about 150 grams of synthetic yarn, and a matching crochet hook, No. 3.

The purse is crocheted in a round, without joining rows, starting from a magic loop. It is then sewn to the purse frame. The handles are crocheted separately and attached to the frame.

Used stitches (US)

SC – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

DC – double crochet

PC – popcorn stitch – 5 DC together in one stitch


1 Six SC in the magic loop = 6 stitches

2 Two SC in each stitch = 12 stitches

3 SC in the next stitch, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 18 stitches

4 SC in the next two stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 24 stitches

5 SC in the next three stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 30 stitches

6 SC in the next four stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 36 stitches

7 SC in the next five stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 42 stitches

8 SC in the next six stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 48 stitches

9 SC in the next seven stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 54 stitches

10 SC in the next eight stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 60 stitches

11 SC in the next nine stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 66 stitches

12 SC in the next ten stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 72 stitches

13 SC in the next eleven stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 78 stitches

14 SC in the next twelve stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 84 stitches

15 SC in the next thirteen stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 90 stitches

16 SC in the next fourteen stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 96 stitches

17 SC in the next fifteen stitches, two SC in the next stitch – repeat five more times = 102 stitches

The size of the base can be adjusted depending on the size of the frame. For this purse, the size of the base circle was slightly larger than the metal frame. This way the purse will have some volume.

Once you have reached the desired size, you can proceed to the next stage.

18 HDC in the next five stitches, 1 PC – repeat sixteen times more = 102 stitches

19 HDC in each stitch = 102 stitches

20-21 Repeat row 19

22-29 Repeat rows 18-21

30 SC in each stitch = 102 stitches

31-33 Repeat row 30

Finish off. Next, the purse is sewn to the frame.

Handles Crochet a cord of desired length. You may also want to have a longer cord, so that the purse can be worn on the shoulder. You can use the so-called Romanian (point) lace cord stitch. Attach it to the frame and sew the ends together. Cut off the yarn and weave in the ends.

Have fun crocheting 😉

Starry scarf

starry scarf

We have a surprisingly beautiful autumn in Brussels! The sun lets us enjoy the color change and the calmness of early mornings. Yet the mornings are getting chilly. Chilly enough to put on a warm scarf 😉

This one is a birthday present for my friend Maaike, for whom I made the rose earrings.

I had troubles photographing the scarf, since I use a quite simple camera and no additional lighting. I believe the scarf is much prettier in real life 😉 Now looking for tips how to take pictures of crochets and knits, in particular of dark colors.


To make this scarf, I followed the Crochet Infinity Scarf pattern. I used about 150 gr of Schachenmayr Boston yarn and a No. 7 crochet hook.

starry scarf full

Welcoming a miracle!


I have already confessed how excited I get about baby news! No wonder, when my friends told me they were expecting, after sharing the joy, I said “Oh, I’m gonna crochet something.. A baby blanket!”

I was very happy that the soon-to-be mommy took part in the making of this blanket. We looked together at different patterns, discussed what kind of yarn to use and finally we went together to choose the color. We spent a lovely afternoon in various yarn and hobby shops, where I couldn’t resist and bought some more materials for future projects (not that I don’t have enough at home!).

My friends were in my neighborhood the other weekend, and I rushed to give them the blanket that was still drying, so that they can have it when the baby comes. I completely forgot to take pictures 🙂 This one was taken later by the mommy and I think the baby room is the best setting for it 😉

The baby-girl was born today! What can be more wonderful than this?


The blanket was crocheted from Schachenmayr Catania cotton yarn (450 grams) with hook no. 3 following the Zigzag crochet baby blanket pattern.

First baby blanket


The best news you can get is that your friends are expecting a baby! The excitement and happiness of the moment does not get lost, no matter how many times you get such news. One of my best friends shared with me this news, after we ran together a 4 km woman race. Yes, she is a super-girl! 🙂

I made this little blanket for her son, and I have to confess I was a bit late and did not manage in time for the birth. I got to see the baby after a couple of hours after he was born and this was a total thrill – I held a miracle in my arms that was not even 1 day old (or better to say young 🙂 )!


The blanket was made of cotton yarn following the Fish Ripples pattern from the wonderful book Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans.

Raspberry for my mom

raspberry bag

In my home country, we do not celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a pity, because it is such a beautiful way of celebrating our moms! However, since I live in a country where this day is celebrated, this year I decided to make something for my mom and share with her this day.

When I was young(er), I used to make most of my presents for my mom and she loved it! Later, I started buying things. Today, I am back to handicraft and baking for her.

It was such a joy to read her happy email when she got it, how her girlfriends liked it and that she took it to a concert… What else can make one happier than a happy mom!


The Raspberry bag was made of synthetic yarn for macrame, using half-double crochet and raspberry stitch, with attached wooden handles.